Friday, January 01, 2016

Hello... It's me

Hello blog.

I'm still here. I am wanting to get back into blogging. I tried to stop short of calling it a New Year's resolution because I never fulfill those. (Still working on my 6-pack abs I promised myself in 1994)
This is going to be a huge downer post (If you aren't a Believer in Christ).


This is the year we probably all hold our nose and vote for The Donald. We do that only so we don't have to hold down our lunch and burn our soul voting for Hillary.

This is the year I think the Spice Girls finally make their comeback.

This is the year that we continue to strive to read our Bible, and pray that The Lord gives us courage, safety, and strength in a sick world where nothing is sacred.

This is the year where we let current politicians feed off of what is left of our liberty.

This is the year where, because of the last point, we will arm ourselves both spiritually and with lots and lots of actual ammo. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

This is the year that is probably going to be one of the scariest years on record, not because of global warming, which doesn't even exist, but because of global jihading. Each subsequent year will be scarier than the last.

This is the year we find out (real) hoverboards and George Jetson's car are probably never going to exist, and never were going to exist. Gravity is a jerk like that.

This is the year the earth will cry out.

This is the year of birth pains.

This is the year we learn to swim.

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Ashley said...

This was very encouraging to me, and I agree with everything you wrote here, which doesn't happen often. Thank you. May God give us strength through these times.