Monday, November 02, 2015

The Best Police Interrogations and Confessions

My latest YouTube obsession is watching police questioning and interrogation videos. They're raw and real, which, in this day and age of endless fake "reality" television, I crave. and The techniques and methods police use to get someone to crack and confess are riveting and beautiful to watch.

Let me feature some great examples of videos that are guaranteed to have you both disgusted and riveted at the same time.

By the way... Unless it's a jaywalking charge... never speak to the police without an attorney present. Ever.

1. Col. Russell Williams. (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
This is the gold standard.. This is one of the greatest interrogation videos of all time which includes an eventual full confession when Col. Williams realizes the gig is up. But it took some patience and skill by the detective in order to get Williams to start squirming in the hot seat. The man was a psychopath and a pervert who thought he was untouchable and this detective cracked him.

2. Jodi Arias (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
If you watch the all parts of her full interrogation it will take you a couple of days probably. But it is worth it. Jodi Arias is a cold, calculating, narcissist and her Bi-polar interview is emotional and at times rambling, weird mess.  She goes from laughing, to crying, and a whole wheel barrow full of crazy.

3. Michael Rafferty (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
This dude is walking piece of garbage. He went and found a girl that was vulnerable with a terrible upbringing and became her "boyfriend" but his real purpose was to get her to kidnap a little girl from a school just so he could rape and kill her. They both blamed each other. In the end it turns out they both helped kill this girl. But even though he never cracks in the interrogation he still sits their like a little boy with his hand caught in the cookie jar. The actual interrogation is a clinic in the "good cop/bad cop" method. Which mostly takes place in part 2 when the second detective comes in and reams him a new one... I'll post two parts, there is a part 3 and 4 also on Youtube..

Be sure and pay attention at 17:50 when comes close to puking his guts out. What a total weak scumbag loser...