Friday, September 11, 2015

Moral Relativity and Post-Modernism Debunked In One Sentence

The atheists who cling to their philosophy of moral relativism and the absence of absolute truth can be silenced often by single sentences. It's an unsustainable philosophy and therefore very very easy to debunk. It's a self-defeating philosophy that is touted by the atheist community.. and even the ones who claim their is such thing as good and bad and absolute truth fail because they have no standard on which to base their truth which essential gives equality to opposing philosophies.. In other words there is zero difference in Mother Theresa and Genghis Khan or Billy Graham and Kim Kardashian.  

Here are some examples of highly esteemed and not-so esteemed post-modern thinkers and atheists having their balloons deflated live in front of large audiences....


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