Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Many Cities Add Ability To Send Text To 911

The latest thing that police departments across the country are preparing to implement is being able to text emergencies to 911 dispatch. I think this will be tough if you have to pass along a lot of information so I decided to do a service to the cause and share some text shortcuts I invented that can make the process much easier.
Here are a few real life examples..

* "Help SA" (Help send ambulance)

* "Help BRAG!" (Help being robbed at gunpoint)

* "IWTCTAM" (I want to confess to a murder)

* HIFAICGU (Help, I've fallen and I can't get up)

* "Help SDJPM" (Help some dude just punched me)

* "Alert BLS" (Alert Bin Laden sighting)

* "Help Walmart IOF" (Help Walmart Is On fire)

* "GCF-TYT" (Girl cat fight, take your time)

* "PS LOL!" (Possible suicide, lady on ledge)

* GWA-PBDOSPOI-CAG! (Global warming alert. Polar bear drifting on single piece of ice. Call Al Gore!)

* "Uh Oh.. NHHB!!" (Uh oh, Nuclear holocaust has begun)

You're welcome America!

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