Friday, June 19, 2015

What's Going On In My World?

I have been on blogcation for about 4 to 5 months and haven't written a thing. So here's what I was doing during that time...

* Staying off the computer at home almost completely. I have a wife and a daughter now, and I want to enjoy every moment with them. I can't do that if I am sitting on Twitter arguing with fools. We no longer no how to live in the moment without distracting ourselves or trying to document it with pictures and videos. The camera phone may be the single worst invention of the 21st century. But taking a long break can give you the freedom to enjoy the life God intended you to have.

* Remodeling the house, working on the yard. Idle hands are the devil's Bejeweled.

* Focusing on my health. I finally went to the doctor after a decade and got a full work up. I got the works package, everything except a brain scan or a camera up my rear end (probably the two things I need the most). So I get a clean bill of health... except my cholesterol was 6,783, and my doctor couldn't stop telling me how fat I was. Who else can you pay hundreds of dollars to just to get told how ugly you are and how you look like a beached whale that got stung by a million bees? My doctor turned into a regular Don Rickles. So I've lost 28 lbs so far. When I go back he'll tell me "Good job. Now you need to do something about your bad breath and horrible fashion sense." Thanks doc! Here, have hundreds of dollars.

* I forget.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Lebron James Better Than Michael Jordan?

You tell me...

Lebron is good. But can he also make it look like a thing of beauty...