Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Documentary Review: Farmland

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Short and sweet. Farmland is a film that is just a surface look at the ins and outs of 6 farmers and the struggles they are currently facing. There is nothing deep about this documentary and with the exception of a brief bit about Genetically Modified Crops, there is very little political opinion shared.

I have always had a secret fantasy about being a farmer since I was a very little boy. I love the idea of vast, wide open spaces and working the soil. I never pursued it and no one in my family is a farmer so I wouldn't have known where to start anyway. But I still get the tingles when I'm driving in the Kansas Flint Hills or Western Kansas and I see a lone 3 story house sitting among a golden wheatfield off in the distance. What a life!

So unless the idea of that kind of lifestyle has any thrill to you then you probably wouldn't enjoy this film. But the beautiful HD cinematography and well suited orchestral musical score sold me alone.

There is heart and emotion in there as well. So I recommend this documentary if you care anything about where your food comes from.. Or if you are like me, and just love beautiful scenes of sunsets in a field that you cannot see the end of.

I give this documentary... 4 stars

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