Saturday, August 23, 2014

5 ALS Ice Bucket Alternatives For Raising Awareness For Your Cause

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is taking the nation by storm.. And say what you will about it, it has raised many many millions of dollars for ALS research. So I am guessing this is just the beginning. Many other causes are about to come out with creative challenges to raise awareness for their foundations. So I decided to help them out and give them ideas to start the next craze.

1. The Raw Onion Challenge -- Prostate Cancer
You have 5 minutes to eat a white onion like you would an apple.. Or donate $20 to Prostate Cancer research.

2. The No Selfie Challenge -- Cystic Fibrosis
You must go one month without taking ANY picture of yourself, taken either by yourself or by someone else. If you fail then you must donate $20 to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

3. The Slap In The Face Challenge -- Kidney Disease
A friend or family member must film you getting slapped in the face or else you must donate $20 to the National Kidney Foundation. Don't worry.. To ensure no one gets injured, if you suffer an injury as a result, the slapper has to pay your medical bills PLUS donate $200 to the NKF!

4. The Tic Tac Challenge -- Chronic Halitosis
This is a simple challenge.. How many Tic Tac's can you fit in your mouth at one time? (Not responsible for choking mishaps) If you decline the challenge, you must donate $20 to the ADA.

5. The Bucket Of Spiders Challenge -- The Arachnaphobia Support Group
Dump a bucket of NON-poisonous spiders on a friend to raise awareness and support for The Facebook Arachnophobia support page. If you decline the challenge then you must join their support page and also man up just a little bit.

You're Welcome America!

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