Saturday, June 28, 2014

Islam: Couple That Marries For Love Have Their Throats Slit By The Bride's Father

The movie Father Of The Bride in Pakistan is a horror movie.
Because Mohammed the homicidal pedophile would have wanted it this way...

Pakistan family slits throats of young couple over love marriage

By Mubasher Bukhari
LAHORE Pakistan (Reuters) - A young couple in Pakistan were tied up and had their throats slit with scythes after they married for love, police said Saturday.
The 17-year-old girl and 31-year-old man married on June 18 without the consent of their families in eastern Pakistan's Punjabi village of Satrah, police said.
The girl's mother and father lured the couple home late on Thursday with the promise that their marriage would receive a family blessing, said local police official Rana Zashid.
"When the couple reached there, they tied them with ropes," he said. "He (the girl's father) cut their throats."
Police arrested the family, who said they had been embarrassed by the marriage of their daughter, named Muafia Hussein, to a man from a less important tribe.
Cultural traditions in many areas of Pakistan mean that killing a woman whose behavior is seen as immodest is widely accepted.
Immodest behavior that sparked recent killings included singing, looking out of the window or talking to a man who is not a relative. For a woman to marry a man of her own choice is considered an unacceptable insult by many families.
The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said 869 so-called "honor killings" were reported in the media last year - several a day. But the true figure is probably much higher since many cases are never reported.
The weak Pakistani government, battling with a troubled economy and a Taliban insurgency, does not collect centralized statistics and has no strategy to combat the killings.
Pakistani law means that even if a woman's killer is convicted, her family are able to forgive the killer.
Many families simply nominate a member to do the killing, then formally forgive the killer.
That's what happened earlier this week, a lawyer said, when a tribal council in central Pakistan's Muzaffargarh district sentenced another young couple to death for marrying for love.
The couple's lawyer, Zia Kiyyani, said the two had appealed for police protection after their marriage on June 21, but had not received any.
The 19-year-old girl's family came to take her from her husband's family, swearing on the Koran that they would not harm her and would hold a proper wedding ceremony, he said.
"During this the girl shouted, cried and mourned for her life and her husband's life because she knew that they will kill both of them," he said.
(Additional reporting by Asim Tanveer in Multan; Writing by Katharine Houreld; Editing by Matt Driskill)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One Of The Most Emotionally Devastating Documentaries Of All Time

The Film is entitled Dear Zachary: A Letter To His Son About His Father. When I started watching this film I knew literally nothing about the story. I was riveted for the entire hour and a half. And when it was done, I think I sat there in my living room in silence after the last of the credits for a solid ten minutes with my mouth wide open. I was emotionally drained by what I had just seen. It's not an overly graphic film. It's funny at times, infuriating throughout.. but mostly it is a story that the greatest fiction writer could not possibly dream up. The moral of course is tale of caution about who you allow into your life... Below is the trailer, and when he says at the end "But I never could have guessed what happened next." It is the understatement of the century.

I highly recommend you watch this film. It is a smack in the face from the cold hard reality of the depravity of humankind. LANGUAGE WARNING if you do end up watching the film.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Top Ten Excuses For Neglecting To Post On My Blog

1. I got married.

2. Too busy fighting crime.

3. The nuclear holocaust.

4. Got a call from Joe Biden telling me to stop.

5. I hurt my foo foo.

6. Meddling teenagers.

7. Malware

8. Writer's block and athlete's foot.

9. The only keys left on my keyboard are the 'T', 'E' and 'Page Up' keys.

10. Thomas Edison never blogged, why should I?