Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Praying In School: Heaven Forbid

Christians are for the most part smart and loving people. We are not dumb hicks like the fake liberal media wants you to believe.
Here's why student led prayer should be allowed.

* My daughter goes to public School.. That school is a walking cess pool of failing students, problem children, worthless teachers, and just absolutely clueless parents. If my daughter decides to pray by her desk out loud in the morning, who is going to get hurt, and how exactly will they be damaged?

* If a Muslim decided to pray be his/her desk, who is going to get hurt? Most Christians are solid enough in their faith to support that without endorsing it.

* But the liberals argument is that it leaves out the Atheist. Baloney. The Atheist is more than welcome to join in.. And if they decide not to, then aren't they really doing the same thing.. Not praying to Not-God? And if they have to hear a student pray, will it burn their ears? Will they melt like the witch from the Wizard Of Oz.

The last thing public schools right now is less prayer. Because trust me, our schools are not getting dumber and more violent because little Billy prayers before he eats his Michele Obama approved rabbit food.

Please, For God's sake, if you see a student praying, either pray with them or get out of the way!

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