Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Dumbest Generation... So Far

Is the current generation really the dumbest? Let me Wikipedia that and find out.
We have raised a generation of helpless, entitled, overgrown, live-with-your-parents-until-age-40, douche bags. We did it on purpose because we were lazy. Our grandpa gave his blood and guts in glory on the battlefield, while our grandma stayed home and riveted planes and then went home and scrubbed her knuckles raw on a wash board.
Meanwhile we spend our time crying because we didn't get a close parking space at the Wal-Mart and then we text about and blog about it to our even more pathetic friends who are at home complaining to their professor about the amount of homework when they just want to go out to the club tonight.

You can pinpoint where it started in America. The wheels were set in motion before World War II. The entitlement trap was set by FDR and his "New Deal". This New Deal was a massive failure. But worse than that, it set the wheels in motion for the serpent to invade Washington DC. The serpent was the liberal democrat, who to this day has hooked so many with the lie of "free lunch". Failure after failure after failure has neither ended the constant lying, nor has it dissuaded the populace who continue to believe it. Meanwhile they turn the temperature of the water in the pot ever so slowly so that even the "intellectuals" deny they are drowning in boiling water.

So now we come to what we have today.. government fed zombies.

And how does that relate to the photo above?

It's just part two of the equation. The computer age put the final nail in the coffin. We do not have the ability to retain information anymore. The little device that fits in our pocket is smarter than we are, and it has the answer. It's like if your dad did your homework for you every night, and now the person who could potentially hire you just asked you what Photosynthesis means. "Uh, can I phone a dad?"

We ARE the dumbest generation. Dumber than the last, not quite as dumb as the one growing up now. We have no business even questioning why our schools are failing. Our schools are failing because of a million reasons.. The glaring one would be that their teacher is from the dumbest generation, it's the blind leading the blind. Then they get home to lazy, stare-at-our-phone-all-night parents, who sometimes don't even know HOW to do their kid's homework, and they look to us for help, and we either don't know, or we practically do it for them, or we just look it up on our "Smart Phone".
We are failing our kids. Our parent's failed us, their parent's failed them.

There are exceptions. (Hi Mom, Hi Dad! Love You!) But I have to admit that I am part of the problem. I am guilty of lazy parenting. I am slow to discipline when I shouldn't be.

So how does the cycle end?

All I can say is, May God have mercy on our souls.


Fe Adamsonn said...

Reading your post makes me feel many stabs at the back and front but this is true. Hard to admit but it is really what we have now a days. I am guilty about it, I admit but I am fighting to the ugly traits you are referring in your post.


Aaroncoal said...

I am guilty myself. Which I admit in the blog.