Thursday, December 12, 2013

So Long Grandaddy Red

Lost my last grandparent this morning...

Since all my grandparents are gone and no one can get offended or jealous, I will go ahead and say it.. Grandaddy was my favorite grandparent. He just knew how to make me laugh. And he loved kids, so when you were little you had his undivided attention.

He was a changed man when he married my step-grandma ("Memaw"), Carol. She softened him without taking away his sense of humor. She simply kept him in line. That's what a beautiful woman can do to a man. My wife is a good example of that.

Grandad was one of a kind. He could fix anything you put in front of him, even to his final days.

Best of all, he raised my dad, who has all of the good aspects of grandad, and even managed to shake the bad habits he grew up around, the ones that grandad himself shed in the later years.

He was a good man.
He was my grandfather.

My prayer today is that his soul is with Jesus. And that my soul will never look anywhere else besides Jesus to find comfort in this life.

So Long Grandaddy Red!