Saturday, November 16, 2013

Married Life Is A Busy Life

Helpmate? Absolutely.
I no longer have to do the laundry, dishes, trash, dusting, vacuuming, or cooking all by myself. My wife is great at jumping in and cleaning and cooking.
So do I have tons more free time? Nope.
Now, it may be different for me because I married into a family. On my wedding day I got my beautiful wife, but I also got a little angel, age 7. So now there is 3 times the laundry and dishes.
But more than that, families take time, and nurturing, You have to give up the former life. You cannot spend 5 hours a night playing Minecraft while your spouse is doing housework. You cannot sleep in till noon when things need to get done in the mornings.

Also, there is church, work, and weekend activities. Your wife or husband requires your attention and love, and also your attendance to his or her interests and activities.. so you know that play your wife has been wanting to see? You need to go to that even if you are miserable.

You are now two people working as one. So it takes your time. You have to give yourself fully to marriage and neglect yourself. That is the sacrifice you signed up for.. But trust me, the reward is much greater than the sacrifice.

For one... you ensure that when you drop dead of a heart attack when you are married, you can be sure that within at least a few hours your body will be found. When you are that one single guy that never married and lives in a studio apartment alone, they find you when your body starts decaying so much that your neighbors can't stand the stench any longer and they call out the "meat wagon" to haul your bloated corpse down to the morgue. Not the most dignified way to go.

Secondly... When you have been married 50 years to your spouse, everyone is in awe of your accomplishment, and they want to know your secret. You leave a legacy.
When you die alone at age 75, you leave a George Foreman grill and a worn out recliner with half the upholstery missing... also a sad apartment that smells funny.

Get married. But do it for life.. Don't get divorced because you don't get what you want. In fact don't get divorced. Period. Be busy, but be happy.

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