Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top Ten Reasons Why Obama Now Wants U.S. Military Action In Iran

* We have a lot of bombs just sitting around. George Bush told him the rule is Use em' or lose em'.

* Putin double-dog dared him.

* He has yet to completely fulfill the hypocrisy requirement that goes along with receiving a Nobel Peace Prize.

* Nuclear holocaust sounds like a totally rad legacy.

* Bush got to :(

* It seems to be a bad idea, and that makes it kind of seem like a good idea to him.

* He already solved the economy thing, and playing UNO with Biden in the Oval Office is getting boring.

* Michelle would like to start her school lunch program there. Kids in Iran are pretty skinny.. but they could always be skinnier!

* Syria refused to get bombed for some reason.

* Iran...Iran so far away.

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