Thursday, August 08, 2013

Marriage Observations After Week 2

* I always thought we split the bed 50/50. I guess I am worse at fractions than I thought. Apparently my half is that little sliver where you teeter just before falling to your untimely death.

* My shower went from having a bottle of shampoo, and a bar of soap, to looking like a clearance sale at Bath & Body Works.

* Cuddling is awesome. Wife falls asleep while cuddling... deep sleep. The next morning she expresses her dislike of the fact that we never cuddle. Even after explaining that my arm had fallen asleep an hour after she did.

* Still struggling with putting the toilet seat down. I have to say "toilet seat...toilet seat...toilet seat..." in my head the entire time I go to the bathroom.

* Pillows... Oh the pillows... WHY so many pillows????

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