Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Democrats Want To Control Food

It's the hallmark sign of fascism.. Control the food, and you control the people.

Current examples..

The UK is on the verge of banning packed lunches at school...
UK Headteachers Urged To Ban Packed Lunches

Indiana Schools are doubling down on Michelle Obama's horrible tasting government subsidized lunches, even if the kids starve from throwing most of it away...
Indiana School System: Kids Better Off Hungry With Michelle Obama Championed Lunches Than Starving

Notice how much the democrats use the word "control", or "ban" or "reform".. Gun Control, School Lunch Control, Ban on large sodas, Health Care Reform, and on and on and on. By the way, reform can be a good word, but mostly it just means control.

The "low information voters" don't know history, they don't care about history, so they are doomed to repeat it. Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.. they understood that if you control the very thing that the people cannot live without, then you can control the people in every aspect of life.. because a starving person will comply to even the most irrational demand if it will give them bread for one more day.

So we are at the beginning stages of food control... It's not so subtly disguised as concern for children's health, and the all-caring government.. but hidden deep inside is a sinister plot for power.

We see it every day with the American Welfare program. Food stamps are not so much about helping people, and more about keeping them on the government plantation.

The idea that government knows best what is healthy for your kids is absurd. Michelle Obama is not a nutritionist. She's not certified to select what goes in anyone's mouth. You are, She isn't. Yet the schools give kids food that gerbils eat without questioning it.

There is simply no hard science to support their actions. Because it's not about nutrition, it's about control.

Remember when Bush was relentlessly called a fascist because he attacked terrorist harboring countries?

Obama is doing that too, AND he has his foot on the neck of the American people... always tightening the noose, never loosening. And he knows that whoever controls the food, controls the need of the people. If you keep them needing, you become their master. Small things like your child's lunch are just the beginning.. I mean look at NY and CA... If they could they would shut down every restaurant except for the Government  Deli. Welcome to 1984.

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