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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loaded Questions For Liberals, Atheists, and Progressives

* Is there such a thing as a free lunch? If Yes, Just where is this magical fairyland where doctors work as volunteers? Do they also have radiotherapy, and modern X-ray equipment there built by elves who require no payment for their hard work?

* Can you answer the question about what came before the big bang without talking about who created God? In other words, answer the question without the massive red herring?

* Do progressives believe in boundaries? I don't think they can if they are intellectually honest. The only boundary would be one's own hedonistic fantasy. Lemmings are progressives. Their only boundary is the bottom of the ocean floor.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Can You Choose Your Own Doctor Under Obamacare?

Obama 2010 Vs. Obama Today

THE PRESIDENT: Here is a guarantee that I've made. If you have insurance that you like, then you will be able to keep that insurance. If you've got a doctor that you like, you will be able to keep your doctor. Nobody is trying to change what works in the system. We are trying to change what doesn't work in the system.

THE PRESIDENT: "Depending on the plan you choose in the Marketplace, you may be able to keep your current doctor." 

And then the nail in the coffin from the HHS website's Obamacare Q&A page...

But remember, we "had to pass it to know what's in it." Welcome to Obama's America

Thursday, July 18, 2013

What It Means To Be A Black Conservative In America

****WARNING... The following post contains extremely foul language.. If you are under 17 do not continue reading*********

Yesterday Larry Elder was on the almost unwatched Piers Morgan show where he shared his conservative ooinions about the Trayvon Martin Case...

This is what followed on Twitter.. From

Yesterday, CNN host Piers Morgan challenged conservative talk radio host Larry Elder to a debate. Elder accepted, and the result — televised earlier tonight on Morgan’s show — was a riveting debate about race in America. Elder blasted the host’s patronizing treatment of Rachel Jeantel (in particular, Morgan’s characterization of Jeantel as “one smart cookie”), and spoke hard truths about the prevalence of white-on-black vis-a-vis black-on-black violence in America. Not only that, but he triggered some of the most vitriolic Twitter attacks on a minority conservative that we’ve seen since actress Stacey Dash endorsed Mitt Romney for President.
The response? Well there was a lot, but one unhinged critic stuck out:

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Democrats Want To Control Food

It's the hallmark sign of fascism.. Control the food, and you control the people.

Current examples..

The UK is on the verge of banning packed lunches at school...
UK Headteachers Urged To Ban Packed Lunches

Indiana Schools are doubling down on Michelle Obama's horrible tasting government subsidized lunches, even if the kids starve from throwing most of it away...
Indiana School System: Kids Better Off Hungry With Michelle Obama Championed Lunches Than Starving

Notice how much the democrats use the word "control", or "ban" or "reform".. Gun Control, School Lunch Control, Ban on large sodas, Health Care Reform, and on and on and on. By the way, reform can be a good word, but mostly it just means control.

The "low information voters" don't know history, they don't care about history, so they are doomed to repeat it. Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.. they understood that if you control the very thing that the people cannot live without, then you can control the people in every aspect of life.. because a starving person will comply to even the most irrational demand if it will give them bread for one more day.

So we are at the beginning stages of food control... It's not so subtly disguised as concern for children's health, and the all-caring government.. but hidden deep inside is a sinister plot for power.

We see it every day with the American Welfare program. Food stamps are not so much about helping people, and more about keeping them on the government plantation.

The idea that government knows best what is healthy for your kids is absurd. Michelle Obama is not a nutritionist. She's not certified to select what goes in anyone's mouth. You are, She isn't. Yet the schools give kids food that gerbils eat without questioning it.

There is simply no hard science to support their actions. Because it's not about nutrition, it's about control.

Remember when Bush was relentlessly called a fascist because he attacked terrorist harboring countries?

Obama is doing that too, AND he has his foot on the neck of the American people... always tightening the noose, never loosening. And he knows that whoever controls the food, controls the need of the people. If you keep them needing, you become their master. Small things like your child's lunch are just the beginning.. I mean look at NY and CA... If they could they would shut down every restaurant except for the Government  Deli. Welcome to 1984.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Video: Pot Head Idiot Thinks He's A Lawyer


THIS is why I do not support legalization of drugs. We have enough idiots walking the streets as it is.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Islam's Latest Contributions To Peace

2013.07.01IraqBaqubah820Eight Iraqis sitting in a cafe are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.07.01IraqMuqdadiyah940A Sunni suicide bomber self-detonates inside a Shiite mosque, sending nine worshippers straight to Allah.
2013.07.01IraqMishahada80Eight men are pulled out of their homes and executed by al-Qaeda.
2013.06.30IraqDawr10A 17-year-old girl's life is snuffed out by Mujahid bombers.
2013.06.30IraqBaghdad1225A dozen young boys at a soccer field are ripped apart by an al-Qaeda bomb blast.
2013.06.30PakistanPeshawar1747A Religion of Peace car bomb leaves seventeen people dead.
2013.06.30PakistanQuetta3060Nine women and five children are among thirty innocents slain outside a Shia mosque by a Sunni suicide bomber.
2013.06.29NigeriaBorno1510Islamists sack several small villages, killing about fifteen people.
2013.06.29EgyptSinai10Islamists shoot a local cop six times in the head.
2013.06.28AfghanistanFarah22A Fedayeen suicide bomber ends the lives of two civilians.
2013.06.28ThailandYala11Muslim 'insurgents' fire on a mother and her two young sons, killing her and injuring the 2-year-old.
2013.06.28IraqBaghdad30Mujahideen bomb a bakery, laying out at least three innocents.
2013.06.28IraqDujail412A suicide bomber at a funeral sends four more souls to Allah.
2013.06.28IraqZangoura1119al-Qaeda bombers take out eleven Iraqis.
2013.06.28ThailandSongkhla27Muslim terrorists kill two people with a bomb outside a tea shop.
2013.06.28AfghanistanLaghman51Five villagers are shredded by fundamentalist bombers.
2013.06.27IraqBaghdad840Eight soccer fans are either blown up or shot to death by religious extremists.
2013.06.27SyriaQatana10A Greek Orthodox priest is kidnapped and tortured to death by Religion of Peace proponents.
2013.06.27SyriaIdlib20Two Christians, including a priest, are reportedly kidnapped, bound and beheaded on video by Islamists.
2013.06.27IraqBaghdad10Islamic fundamentalists shoot a barber to death.
2013.06.27IraqMeseib612Religion of Peace bombers target an auto show, taking out seven patrons.
2013.06.27SyriaDamascus48A suicide bomber detonates outside a church, killing four innocents.
2013.06.27IraqBaqubah1035A coffee shop packed with soccer fans is the target of an al-Qaeda bomb blast that leaves at least ten dead.
2013.06.27PakistanKarachi10A man is murdered by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2013.06.27IraqMadaen16A 3-year-old girl is disassembled by an al-Qaeda bomb planted at her home.
2013.06.26PakistanKarachi1214Tehreek-e-Taliban bombers target a judge, killing a dozen people in the street.
2013.06.26LebanonBeirut020Twenty people on a bus are stabbed in a suspected sectarian attack.
2013.06.26LibyaBenghazi10Suspected Islamists kill one person with a car bomb in a residential neighborhood.
2013.06.26ThailandPattani15Children are among the casualties of a roadside bombing by Muslim 'separatists'.
2013.06.26PakistanJanaikhel30Three family members are obliterated by an Islamist bomb.
2013.06.26IraqBaghdad1016Religious radicals bomb a coffee shop showing a soccer game, taking out ten fans.
2013.06.26PakistanHayatabad14Islamic extremists murder a man at a market.
2013.06.26IraqMosul43Fundamentalists bomb a liquor store, killing four patrons.
2013.06.26NigeriaLangtang330Thirty-three students and elderly villagers are massacred in a coordinated attack by Muslim militia.
2013.06.26IraqKirkuk11Two brothers are shot by al-Qaeda.
2013.06.26IndiaSopore10A local politician is assassinated by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.
2013.06.26AfghanistanHerat50Five local cops are exterminated by Sunni radicals.
2013.06.26IraqKirkuk30Three family members, including two women are sent to Allah by Mujahideen bombers.
2013.06.25IraqTuz Khurmato2780Twenty-seven demonstrators calling for better security are massacred by two Religion of Peace suicide bombers.
2013.06.25PakistanKarachi10Sunnis fire on a Shia funeral, killing one mourner.
2013.06.25PakistanPeshawar10A bomb planted at a mosque kill a villager.
2013.06.25LebanonSirte60Six local soldiers are killed in an ambush by Islamic militia.
2013.06.25IraqBaqubah818Eight young people are tragically killed when Islamists set off a bomb near a soccer field.
2013.06.25IraqBaghdad415Four minibus riders are torn to pieces by an al-Qaeda shrapnel bomb.
2013.06.25IraqIskandariya513Five Shiite pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by Sunni bombers.
2013.06.25AfghanistanKabul34A suicide attack on a government building leaves three guards dead.
2013.06.25IraqBaghdad02Two guards are wounded when Muslims open fire on a Catholic church.
2013.06.25AfghanistanKandahar103Two children and eight women are shredded by a bomb planted by Sunni fundamentalists.
2013.06.24IraqBaghdad1137Eleven Iraqis are torn to shreds by five al-Qaeda car bomb blasts.
2013.06.24IraqBaghdad516Jihadis bomb a supermarket, killing at leave five Iraqis.
2013.06.24IraqHusseiniya1030Two bombs placed at a Shiite market send eight patrons to Allah.
2013.06.24IraqNahrawan415Four people are ripped apart by al-Qaeda bombers.
2013.06.24IraqMosul27Two people are obliterated by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.06.24IndiaSrinagar811Hizbul-Mujahideen ambush a group of local soldiers, killing eight.
2013.06.24IraqTikrit35Students are among the casualties when a Shahid suicide bomber detonates inside a university parking garage.
2013.06.24PakistanKhyber Pakhtunkhwa20Two people are brutally murdered by Islamic militants.
2013.06.24IraqJihad921al-Qaeda bombers take out nine residents of a Shia neighborhood.
2013.06.24AfghanistanDeh-Sabz73Seven civilians are shot to death at a market by suspected Taliban.
2013.06.24IraqBaghdad12Jihadis bomb a Christian-owned store, killing a father of three.
2013.06.24PakistanKarachi10Sunnis kidnap and brutally torture a Shiite to death.
2013.06.24PakistanKarachi10A Shiite shopkeeper is picked off by Sipah-e-Sahaba snipers.
2013.06.23PakistanNanga Parbat110Religious extremists shoot ten foreign tourists and one guard to death at a mountain climbing camp.
2013.06.23IraqRiyadh314Three Iraqis are taken out by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.06.23IraqTuz Khurmatu1931Car bombs targeting Shiites in a residential neighborhood leave at least nineteen dead.
2013.06.23SyriaDamascus310Three people are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.06.23DagestanKohabrosso03Islamic militants try to kill a moderate imam in his home, wounding him, his wife and son.
2013.06.23EgyptZawiyat40Sunni hardliners throw petrol bombs into a house with Shia residents, burning and then stabbing and beating at least four to death.
2013.06.23SyriaIdlib10A Catholic monk is beheaded Islamists for defending nuns.
2013.06.23IraqBaghdad39Three civilians are killed when terrorists send a rocket shell into a hotel.
2013.06.23PakistanKarachi20A lawyer and his son are shot to death in their car by sectarian Jihadis.
2013.06.23PakistanGilgit30Two girls and their mother are honor killed by conservative family members over a video of them enjoying rain.
2013.06.23LebanonSidon60Six local soldiers are murdered 'in cold blood' on orders of a Sunni cleric.
2013.06.22AfghanistanKunduz20At least two police officers are murdered in separate Taliban attacks.
2013.06.22IraqSab al-Bor1432A Shahid suicide bomber walks into a Shia mosque and sends fourteen worshippers straight to Allah.
2013.06.22IraqTuz Khurmatu31al-Qaeda gunmen open up on a group of Iraqis at point-blank range, taking down three.
2013.06.22IndiaSrinagar20Two traffic cops are gunned down by Islamic militants.
2013.06.22ThailandPattani22Muslim terrorists take out two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2013.06.22IraqMosul415Four people are ripped apart by a Fedayeen suicide car bomber.
2013.06.22PakistanChamarkand20Two tribal elders are sent to Allah by Taliban bombers.
2013.06.22IraqTikrit44al-Qaeda militants incinerate four truck drivers with thermal grenades.
2013.06.22IraqAnbar50Five local cops are massacred by a coordinated car bomb and rocket attack.
2013.06.22PakistanToba Tek Singh50Three small children are among a family of five Shiites, tied up in their home and butchered by Sunnis with knives.
2013.06.21IraqBaghdad29Two patrons are killed when a Sunni bomb rips through a market.
2013.06.21PakistanPeshawar1528A dedicated Sunni wades into a packed Shia mosque and detonates a suicide vest, while his friends fire automatic weapons into the crowd.
2013.06.20PakistanKarachi20The Tehreek-e-Taliban murder a father and son in cold blood.
2013.06.20IraqTikrit20Suspected al-Qaeda gunmen shoot two civilians to death.
2013.06.20IraqRamadi77A suicide bomber dressed as a policeman walks into a vote counting center and slaughters seven people.
2013.06.19PakistanGreen Town10An Ahmadi father of two is gunned down in a targeted attack based on his religion.
2013.06.19YemenSaada211A Fedayeen suicide bomber takes out two civilians.
2013.06.19SomaliaMogadishu2220Suicide bombers storm a UN compound and massacre twenty-two innocents.
2013.06.19IraqNinevah56A Shahid suicide bomber detonates inside the guesthouse of a local politician, killing him and four family members.
2013.06.19PakistanKarachi10A Shia school bus driver is murdered by Sunnis.
2013.06.18IraqBaghdad3757A double suicide bombing at a Shia mosque leaves over thirty worshippers dead.
2013.06.18NigeriaAlau Dam130Thirteen fishermen and tea vendor's are gunned down in cold blood by Islamic extremists.
2013.06.18NigeriaBakin Rijiya10At least one resident is killed when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian village and burn four churches.
2013.06.18EgyptAssiut216Fundamentalists are suspected of lobbing a shell at a group of local soldiers.
2013.06.18AfghanistanKabul324Religious extremists set off a bomb that leaves three civilians dead.
2013.06.18PakistanMardan3561A Holy Warrior self-detonates at a funeral, killing three dozen mourners.
2013.06.18PakistanNorth Waziristan20Two local soldiers are machine-gunned at a checkpost by Islamic terrorists.
2013.06.17IraqBeaver Ridge WV Canaan725Two women and a 12-year-old child are among seven patron obliterated by Mujahid restaurant bombing.
2013.06.17IraqTaji211A bomb placed inside a minibus leaves two dead.
2013.06.17PakistanKilla Saifullah30Islamists walk up to a checkpoint and calmly shoot three local cops to death.
2013.06.17SyriaDamascus6010Sixty security force members are reportedly killed by an al-Qaeda car bomb.
2013.06.17AfghanistanKabul32Three innocent truck drivers are torn to pieces by a Taliban rocket.
2013.06.17ThailandYala10A cop praying inside a mosque is shot to death by a Muslim terrorist.
2013.06.17IraqJabla31al-Qaeda gunmen walk into a restaurant and gun down three patrons.
2013.06.17IraqFallujah321A Shahid suicide bomber exterminates three Iraqis.
2013.06.16IraqKut512Five construction workers are ripped to shreds by Sunni bombers.
2013.06.16PakistanSwabi20Two anti-polio workers are shot to death by Muslim fundamentalists.
2013.06.16IraqNasiriyah235al-Qaeda bombers take down two Iraqis.
2013.06.16LebanonWadi Refeq40Four Shiites are machine-gunned by Sunnis .
2013.06.16IraqNajaf828Sunni bombers strike a watermelon market in a Shia area, sending at least eight patrons to Allah.
2013.06.16IraqMadaen510Mujahideen car bombers send five Iraqis to Allah.
2013.06.16IraqKut615Hardline bombers send shrapnel through an industrial area, taking down six innocents.
2013.06.16IraqBasra69A half-dozen Shiites are dismantled by Sunni bombers.
2013.06.16IraqBaghdad1125Eleven people at a packed cafe catering to Shiites are murdered by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.06.16PakistanKarachi30Three members of a secular-leaning political party are kidnapped, tortured and murdered by suspected Taliban.
2013.06.16NigeriaDamaturu94Seven students and two teachers are killed during an assault on their school by Boko Haram.
2013.06.16IraqMosul65Six guards at an oil pipeline are shot to death by suspected al-Qaeda.
2013.06.15LibyaBenghazi611Six local soldiers are stabbed and shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2013.06.15Iraqal-Ashraf240Mortars are sent into a camp of Sunni dissidents, leaving two dead.
2013.06.15PakistanQuetta2519Lashkar-e-Jhangvi blow up a bus carrying female students, then force their way into a hospital and shoot more to death.
2013.06.15NigeriaHwa�a10A pastor's throat is slit by Islamists upon refusal to convert.
2013.06.14AfghanistanKhost80Eight civilians are blown to bits by a Taliban bomb.
2013.06.14IraqMosul10A local politician is assassinated by al-Qaeda gunmen.
2013.06.13AfghanistanHelmand60A Taliban recruit helps the terrorists murder six fellow cops.
2013.06.13AfghanistanJaghato22Two small children are disassembled by a Religion of Peace rocket attack.
2013.06.13AfghanistanSar-i-pul10A doctor is dragged out of his clinic and stoned by a mob angry that he saw a female patient without an escort.
2013.06.13PakistanKarachi10A Shiite is shot to death by Sipah-e-Sahaba.
2013.06.12ThailandNarathiwat10A working class man is gunned down by Muslim 'separatists' on his way to the job site.
2013.06.12AfghanistanSangin215Sunni radicals take out two people with a bomb planted near a market.
2013.06.12ThailandPattani10A 30-year-old Buddhist is slain in front of his house by Muslim militants.
2013.06.12ThailandPattani10Militant Muslims machine-gun a 49-year-old man resting in his living room.
2013.06.11SyriaDamascus1431Fourteen people at a public square are ripped apart by Shahid suicide bombers.
2013.06.11PakistanPeshawar21A doctor is among two Shiites shot to death by Lashkar-e-Jhagvi.
2013.06.11SyriaHatla240At least two dozen Shia civilians are slaughtered in their homes by Sunni extremists praising Allah.
2013.06.11AfghanistanKabul1739A devout Muslim blows himself up outside a courthouse, taking seventeen other souls with him.
2013.06.11DagestanNovolak22Two local cops are gunned down by Islamic militants.
2013.06.11IraqMosul60Six Iraqis are murdered by Mujahideen bombers.
2013.06.11PakistanKarachi12A targeted shooting attack on three Ahmadi minorities at a bazaar leaves one dead.
2013.06.11PakistanSheikhupura10A Christian teen is tortured and killed on (false) suspicion of relations with a Muslim girl.
2013.06.11IraqDiyala30Three local truck drivers are gunned down in cold blood by Sunni extremists.
2013.06.10IraqMadaen310Three people are torn apart by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2013.06.10PakistanOrangi10Sipah-e-Sahaba murder a former Sunni for becoming Shia.
2013.06.10PakistanJamrud60Jaishi Asama murder six truck drivers.
2013.06.10AfghanistanQalat218Two civilians are killed during a coordinated attack by Fedayeen suicide bombers.
2013.06.10PakistanNazimabad20Sunni extremists murder two Shiites on their way to prayers.
2013.06.10IraqBaqubah70Sunnis kidnap and execute seven Shia civilians.
2013.06.10ThailandNarathiwat10A 58-year-old man at a tea shop is shot to death in mid-sip by Muslim 'insurgents'.
2013.06.10IraqJidaidat al-Shatt1546At least fifteen people are exterminated by Mujahideen bomb blasts at a fruit and vegetable market.
2013.06.10IraqTuz Khromato338Two al-Qaeda bomb blasts take out three Iraqis.
2013.06.10LebanonHermel10Hezbollah is accused of murdering a truck driver.
2013.06.10IraqSadr City412Sunnis bomb a cafe popular with Shiites, killing at least four.
2013.06.10IraqKirkuk114An Iraqi loses his life to a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.06.10IraqKirkuk312al-Qaeda bombers snuff out three lives.
2013.06.10IraqTaji725An al-Qaeda bomb at a fish market leaves seven dead.
2013.06.10IraqMosul24114Five coordinated al-Qaeda bomb blasts leave two dozen people dead and over a hundred more in agony.
2013.06.09KenyaMombasa017Islamists throw a grenade into a church during Sunday service, nearly killing a baby.
2013.06.09IraqBaghdad722A Fedayeen suicide bomber strikes a Shia neighborhood during rush hour, killing seven.
2013.06.09SyriaAleppo10Islamists execute a 15-year-old boy in front of his parents for the crime of disbelieving in God.
2013.06.09Egyptal-Arish10Islamic terrorists gun down an Egyptian cop.
2013.06.09LebanonBeirut10Hezbollah is blamed for the murder of a young demonstrator.
2013.06.09PakistanLyari20Sectarian Jihadis take out an 8-year-old girl and her father with a grenade at a park.
2013.06.09AfghanistanKandahar20Two children are beheaded by the Taliban.
2013.06.09PakistanRazmak34Taliban militants kill three local soldiers with roadside bomb.
2013.06.08AfghanistanPaktika30A civilian is among three Americans killed by a Taliban in NATO uniform.
2013.06.08SyriaHoms810A child and three woman are among eight civilians killed by an al-Nusra car bomb in a Shia neighborhood.
2013.06.08IraqBaghdad520Sunni bombers target Shia commercial districts, killing at least five.
2013.06.08SomaliaMogadishu22An al-Shabaab bomb blast leaves two people dead.
2013.06.08NigeriaMaiduguri135Islamic extremists massacre thirteen civilians with guns hidden in a coffin.
2013.06.08AfghanistanKunduz10A conservative man shoots his 18-year-old sister to death for having an illicit affair.
2013.06.07IraqRamadi88Suicide bombers take out at least eight Iraqis at an intersection.
2013.06.07IraqMuqdadiyah1245A dozen Shia pilgrims are sent straight to Allah by Sunni car bombers.
2013.06.07PakistanBahawal01A 70-year-old shepherd is severely beaten after a mob accuses him of tearing a page of the Quran.
2013.06.07ThailandYala10A 38-year-old man is shot to death by Muslim 'separatists' while on his way to pick up his child.
2013.06.07PakistanKarachi10Wahhabi militants murder a 30-year-old Shiite outside his shrine.
2013.06.07SomaliaJamaame10Islamists identify a Christian convert and publicly execute him.
2013.06.07PakistanBadhaber10A female polio worker loses her life in a hospital a few days after a shooting attack by fundamentalists.
2013.06.06PakistanQuetta20Two women are killed when Taliban suicide bombers blow themselves up.
2013.06.06TunisiaMount Chaambi22Jihadists kill two local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2013.06.06IraqTaji712Seven Iraqis are blown to bits by a Shahid suicide bomber.
2013.06.06AfghanistanNawzad79Seven NATO soldiers are killed when a suicide truck bomber detonates inside their base.
2013.06.06PakistanPeshawar31Taliban bombers murder three local cops.
2013.06.06IraqBayaa311Three Iraqis are ripped to shreds by Jihad bombers.
2013.06.06IraqNahrawan422Four people at a livestock market are obliterated by a Mujahideen bombing.
2013.06.06AfghanistanSar-e Pol115A civilian bleeds to death following a bomb blast at a hotel.
2013.06.06BangladeshBolakipur05Muslim 'extremists' break in to a Catholic seminary and beat the rector and students 'with violence and brutality'.
2013.06.05IraqNukhaib140Fourteen innocent Shiites are stopped and summarily executed by Sunni gunmen.
2013.06.05MalaysiaKuala Lumpur42A man slashed to death at a car wash are among four Buddhists killed in targeted attacks by Muslims.
2013.06.04AfghanistanHelmand33The Taliban murder three local soldiers with a roadside bomb.
2013.06.04AlgeriaDjelfa50A conservative Muslim cleanses his family honor by shooting five members of his niece's lover to death.
2013.06.04PakistanIslamabad10A 16-year-old girl is tortured to death by her conservative father for an 'honor' violation.
2013.06.04PakistanKhairpur10Islamic radicals are suspected of pulling a university employee off a bus and executing him.
2013.06.04IraqHillah10Jihadis place a bomb in the car of an elementary school teacher, killing him instantly.
2013.06.04AfghanistanFarah41Three children and their father are exterminated by Holy Warriors.
2013.06.03AfghanistanSamkani1215Ten schoolchildren are disassembled by a Holy Warrior suicide bomber at a market
2013.06.03AfghanistanLaghman70Four children and two women are among a family of seven exterminated by fundamentalist bombers.
2013.06.03ThailandPattani10A 53-year-old villager is murdered by Muslim 'separatists' as he is driving home.
2013.06.03PakistanGarhi Habib Ullah10A woman is forced to recite Quran and then hacked to death with an axe after leaving the house without her husband's permission.
2013.06.03LebanonTripoli421A woman is among four killed during a clash between Sunni and Shia.
2013.06.03KenyaLiboi20al-Shabaab militia murder two Kenyans in their cars.
2013.06.03PakistanTank11Islamic militants gun down a man at a market.
2013.06.02SyriaDamascus90Nine people are reportedly murdered by al-Nusra.
2013.06.02PakistanSanghar10A Muslim woman is honor-killed by her step brother on suspicion of illicit relations.
2013.06.02PakistanSukkor10Members of a conservative family pitch in to shoot a daughter to death who married without the father's permission.
2013.06.02TanzaniaGeita01Religion of Peace activists enter the home of a Christian pastor and nearly hack him to death.
2013.06.02YemenShabwa95An al-Qaeda suicide bomber sends nine people to paradise.
2013.06.02SyriaJouber33A Jabhat al-Nusra car bomb leaves three dead.
2013.06.02AfghanistanKamdesh44Four local cops are murdered by a Taliban attack.
2013.06.02Iraqal-Rutba30Sunni terrorists murder three Syrian truck drivers.
2013.06.01AfghanistanBarkhol311The Taliban take out three members of a wedding party with a roadside blast.
2013.06.01YemenHadramawt10An al-Qaeda gunmen praises Allah as he shoots a local air force officer to death at a traffic light.
2013.06.01AfghanistanKhost33Taliban bombers take out three local cops.
2013.06.01NigerNiamey410Mujao Islamists storm a prison and shoot dead three guards and a visitor.
2013.06.01PakistanKarachi10Sipah-e-Sahaba murder a 30-year-old Shiite.
2013.06.01ThailandPattani10A villager is shot to death by suspected 'separatists.'
2013.06.01PakistanPastawana10Religious extremists gun down a public high school principal in cold blood at his home.
2013.06.01ThailandNarathiwat16Muslim 'separatists' spray a group of local soldiers with bullets, killing at least one.
2013.06.01AfghanistanUruzgan40A child is among four civilians exterminated by fundamentalist bombers.