Friday, June 14, 2013

Prayer For Blake Manor

Adapted from "Prayer For Home" by Fernando Ortega.

Dedicated to Kim, and Megan, from Aaron

Grant us peace, most precious gift of all
Keep the worried world far away and small
When we return, may quiet fill our souls,
Dearest Lord, keep us safe within these walls.

May the ground be cool beneath our feet.
The Kansas breezes circle soft and sweet
When darkness falls, the stars and opal moon
Find us wrapped in each other, ever warm.

When a burdened heart in our company rises,
May that heavy heart soon release to fly.
May our table be blessed with laughter and with grace
And the comfort of our family be our joy.

May the cold rain blow far from our front door
May the Kansas winds never bring us harm
May our hearthfires burn throughout the night
Grant us peace until the morning's perfect light.

May it be a refuge for our love,
A harbor for our deepest prayer.
May we come to flourish in Your love,
And grow ever nearer to You there.

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