Saturday, June 29, 2013

Liberals Have Hate In Their Hearts

They are all about love. Gay love.. straight love... free love... love for your fellow man... love of diversity... (record scratch sound)

I wonder how many truly believe this in their hearts? I know liberals do. They believe they have a monopoly on love. They truly love while Republican/Conservative/Christians hate gays and minorities.

They, of course, are dead wrong. They have a red hot hate that courses through their veins. Meanwhile, true Christians at least, are by nature called to love... even their worst enemy. But show them a picture of Sarah Palin and watch them spew forth language you wouldn't say to a atheist truck driver. It makes you almost wish you had some sort of soul mirror that would show them what is going on inside themselves that they simply refuse to see.

See, I'm against gay marriage, but when  I am asked about this or confronted about it I give my opinion as articulately and kindly as I can. I don't hate gay people. I don't hate anyone. It's about marriage being sacred.. it has nothing to do with two people wanting to be gay. That's between them and God. Besides, in just a short time it is all but guaranteed that gay marriage will be the law of the land. Do you see anyone besides one dinky little church from Topeka, Kansas out shouting at gays? Are we denying them seats on the bus? Are we lynching them in the streets? Nope. Meanwhile, you have celebrities like Bette Midler praising the IRS for targeting conservative groups. You have constant calls from the left for the government to ban Fox News. You have Bill Maher making fun of the fact that Sarah Palin's child has Downs Syndrome. And not a peep from the left.

Do you think the leftist celebrities see black folks, for the most part, as anything less than welfare cases?


Welcome to our stupid world.

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