Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Liberals Get Away With Murder

Arguing with the Left these days is a futile experience. Basic facts are met with insane logic and distortion.

A great example right now would be the NSA scandal. Suddenly liberals LOVE the Patriot Act and they love that Obama is watching their movements through their cell phone. And when you call them on it they think they are skirting the issue by using their one play in their playbook, Which is, "Bush's fault."

Isn't it strange how a liberal's memory is so bad that they can't remember their own behavior from 6 or 7 years ago. They can't remember that Michael Moore dropped a movie out of his pants called Fahrenheit 911 that had about a 20 minute segment about how scandalous it was that Bush went golfing after 911 and then went on golfing too much throughout his presidency. Watch what happens now when you give them this fact..
Presidential Rounds of Golf
George W. Bush: 24 (throughout all 8 years as president) Source: www.npr.org
Barack Hussein Obama: 125 (as of 6/11/13, and still over 3 years left to go) Source: obamagolfcounter.com

Here's a hint at what you will hear back when you point this out. "So what, all presidents play golf, the job is so stressful and they need a way to vent and relax."

I tend to agree with that.. However, the issue is not that Obama is playing golf. It's the fact that they screamed bloody murder and even called for impeachment when Bush golfed a little after 911 while Obama golfs freely and frequently with total immunity. Hypocrisy doesn't even begin to describe this. Intellectual dishonesty on a massive scale comes closer. And golf is just a tiny example. Obama has a blank check which he uses daily. Pick one scandal out of the 5 or 6 that are surrounding the president right now.. just one... and Bush would have been impeached in a second on it. Without question. But Obama can OPENLY do these things because he has a shield of stupidity that gives him protection for even the worst infractions as "Commander In Chief".

You will go around and around on this with a liberal, But their sick logic will prevail because the facts get in the way of what they ultimately want, which is to not be questioned. They will shout you down, dodge facts, manipulate, all the while dodging what we can actually see with our own eyes. Liberalism, Atheism, "Humanism", Socialism... Truth and facts are not required to participate in these beliefs. If you subscribe to it and become a club member, you will have a cone of distorted reality around you that protects you. You will have the entire fleet of the media at your disposal, college professors, lawyers, hipsters, AARP, The Women's Right's groups, MSNBC/ABC/CBS/PBS/BBC/NYT/ETC. All of these folks will back you up, and even give you the talking points you need to bob and weave your way around what your eyes and ears tell you to be true.

We absolutely are living through the dumbest era in our history as a nation. And we are doubling down.

Learn to swim.

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