Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jeb Bush Is Not a Conservative

Jeb Bush took a veiled shot at Senator Ted Cruz in an interview with CBN. He said: “He's very articulate.  He was a great candidate and he's starting out here.  He's deciding right now, I think, what path he wants to take.  I'm for solutions. To me, being able to use your skills to solve problems should be the focus for everybody in elected office today because our systems are broken. They're not working and to point out the fact that they're broken is one thing.  To actually find creative solutions in a divided country to solve them is what we ought to be focused on.”

He also said of Hillary: “Hillary Clinton is a formidable force on the left. I wouldn't discount her ability to make a difference and certainly she will be the frontrunner if she decides to run for president.”

Look Jeb, I'm not voting for you. I'm done with Bushes. This isn't England in the 1600's. The family thing doesn't work here. Maybe if you had any other ideas besides "rebranding the party" and kissing up to the Democrats. We want someone who doesn't cringe when they think about Reagan's type of conservatism. You are a RINO. If you run, the democrats win in 2016 guaranteed.

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