Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Could Iran's New Leader Be The Anti-Christ?

The Anti-Christ as described in the Bible is going to sign a peace treaty with Israel. And now Iran has elected someone "moderate" into office. Granted the office of president in Iran holds very little sway over policy, but could he somehow change all that, make friends with the west and Israel and then garner trust from unsuspecting Jews? Who knows?

Iran's newly-elected president said Monday he would follow a "path of moderation," and urged his country not to be held back by past policies, emphasizing messages from Western leaders since his victory that have brought hope of new openings with Tehran.
Speaking Monday at his first news conference since his victory in Friday's election, Hasan Rowhani said his victory would herald a "new era," and vowed to "follow the path of moderation and justice, not extremism."

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