Saturday, June 01, 2013

Coffee Enemas

Here in Wichita, there's a natural nutrition health talk show on Saturday mornings on AM radio. People call up and tell the host what aches, pains, rashes, and other illnesses they have and no matter what you say he tells you that it's because you have too much toxins in your body because of what you eat. And almost without fail he tells you to take a ton of supplements and then give yourself a coffee enema. Then every time he instructs you to check your urine PH levels.. and then... (drum roll please)  you need to take very specific detox and vitamin supplements, which he sells on his website.

My question is, who was the first person to try a coffee enema? Some dude's wife must have been angry at him and told him.."You know what, you can take that Folgers and cram it up your rear end!" and a light bulb went off over that guy's head. 'Hmmm...She's got something there.' "Honey cancel the rest of my appointments today.. I'll be in the bathtub."

So yeah... Coffee enemas? Why not!

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