Monday, May 13, 2013

This May Sound Stupid

That's it! I am going to throw on a Metallica T-shirt, head down to the River Festival, and go play hackey sack with the goth kids under the bridge... because you normals just don't get me!

 I have a cold or swine flu maybe. i have been craving bacon lately.

My dad once told me that if someone at school flips me off, and they are holding up that middle finger, I should just say.." that how many friends you had before your dog died?" I remember trying it the next day and getting beat up pretty bad.

 I want to go back to 5th grade and play Oregon Trail and Number Munchers in the computer lab.

 There are more smashed squirrels on the streets of Wichita then there are people. I almost guarantee it.

 I hope all you girls who take these quizzes on here don't actually think the results are accurate  A Facebook application doesn't actually know which Smurf you would be.

My trick knee is acting up... storm is a brewin.. gonna be a big un!

Don't worry everyone. I'm gonna fight a tornado.

 I smell pie.

I remember that they would make us buy watercolor paint for school. And then we would use it only like once a year. What a waste. Government schools.

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