Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Roundup

This is a recap of my weekend...

* Finally got a couple domain names for this blog. and will both get you to this website. So if you have trouble remembering the silly blogger address, those two will get you here.

* Friday night I had a friend over to celebrate his birthday and watch some Andy Griffith Show episodes. Might sound lame to you but I am a massive fan of that show and so is he. We study it. We know many episodes well.

* Saturday was the big BBQ and UFC get together at my little house. Lots of food and some serious UFC fighting. I panicked because I thought maybe I didn't order enough BBQ so I ordered a couple of large pizzas as well. It turned out that there was plenty of food for the 9 guys that showed up. The fighting was somewhat dull but I DID get to see my boy Jon Jones put a beat down on Chael Sonnen and even break his big toe in the process to the point that it was mangled and the bone was sticking out. Pretty gnarly injury but a great fight by the "baddest man on the planet".

* Sunday was church day. We went to Sunday School but had to leave before the main service because my Fiance had some wedding appointments to attend to.

* Speaking of wedding. I AM GETTING MARRIED IN 3 MONTHS! Sorry ladies..

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