Monday, April 08, 2013

This May Sound Stupid

* No, I do not want to take a quiz to find out which type of pasta I am, which color I am, or which smurf I am.

* Looks like a storm is brewing. My phantom knee is acting up again.

 * I heard we are supposed to get 45 inches of snow with a 3 foot layer of ice on top of that.. plus locusts and the river will run red with blood. At least that's what KAKE is saying.

 * Really regret joining the Russian mafia. Too late now!

 * What's up with the carpet at the Downtown Public Library? Every time I walk in there the carpet design makes me feel like I'm about to have an epileptic seizure.

 * It seriously smells like my neighbor is roasting a goat and marinating it in Bengay. People from other countries cook strange, smelly things.

 * Instead of writing stupid things for my status, maybe I should post important things like what color shoes I'm going to wear to work or how I feel about cheese sandwiches.

 * Sometimes in the shower I like to pretend I am in a typhoon.

 * I don't make my bed for the same reason I don't tie my shoelaces after I take my shoes off.

 * I hate the wind. Do you? Let's hate the wind together!

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