Saturday, April 20, 2013

This May Sound Stupid

I saw a funnel cloud earlier at 29th and Rock. I tried to call KSN but it was busy. It never touched down. But I was ready to tuck and roll!

I wish it were still socially acceptable for me to make a fort out of the couch cushions and play with Transformers.

* That new Spangles commercial is so annoying that every time I hear it I want to run out of my apartment and just start punching people in the face.

* I discovered that the only thing on cable tv these days are shows about car chases, forensic investigations, ufos, and Fresh Prince of Bel Air episodes.

* Yeah, I could've played in the NFL...But I gotta stop living in the past and think of the future

* Apparently the only three movies that the USD 259 Wichita school district ever allowed to be shown in class were Where The Red Fern Grows, The Never Ending Story, and Stand and Deliver.

I just went stationary biking for 8 miles. And the only scenery I saw along the way was dirty clothes all over my bedroom.

I bought a baby seal, so sometime this year I will need to club it.

* My Russian mail order bride came in finally. I am going to have to send her back because they sent me the wrong model. Good thing I kept my receipt!

I don't go to the river festival. I can sit around shirtless and eat funnel cakes at home thank you!

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