Friday, April 19, 2013

They Call Us Islamophobic?

First of all, There are two types of fears. Healthy fears. These are the ones that keep you from grabbing a hot kettle and burning your palm clean off. And Unhealthy fears. These are the ones that are irrational, they serve no real purpose other than to soothe our psychosomatic false perceptions of something that is virtually harmless. For example.. People who have to touch a door knob 3 times before entering a room in order to feel safe.

Secondly, Liberals and left-wingers spend a majority of their time appeasing and apologizing to Muslims for the fact that they get stereotyped into a terrorist category. I don't believe that ALL Muslims are considered terrorists. I have never met anyone in my circle of Tea-partiers and Conservatives who believe that all Muslims are terrorists. I have actually never met anyone ever who would walk up to a Muslim and start harassing them generally for something done by an extreme sect of their religion. Just like how silly it would be to walk up to a Sunday School Christian and start harassing them for Fred Phelps and the Westboro gang.

But to me the big irony is that those who are constantly apologizing to Muslims are not doing so because they genuinely feel sorry for non-violent Muslims. To me it seems more out of fear, like the kids in Middle School who would attempt to make nice with the jocks and the bullies more out of self-preservation then genuine love.. Because they believed that these kids were simply misunderstood and if they sucked up to them and played nice then they would be less likely to be a target.

So who is the real Islamophobic?
If we had a united front against terrorism where we had a realistic look at who genuinely commits terrorism then we would be much safer. No one is calling for WWII style Japanese internment camps for Muslims.. Nobody.. Nothing even close to that.
All we are wanting is a heightened sense of awareness about who has the nerve to make a bomb and kill 5 year olds that committed the egregious crime of standing in the wrong place at the wrong time. NO Tea Party member would EVER do anything like that.

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