Tuesday, April 30, 2013

List of Overrated Bands

Let's alienate some people, shall we? Remember.. This is all relative, so before you carry torches to my house because I spoke ill of your favorite.. It's just my opinion.. and What do I know?

1. The Rolling Stones -- 5,000 albums later.. about 7 really good songs.

2. Bruce Springsteen -- He joins other lists of people who probably should never have been allowed to have a career in music in the first place. Who sings like that? Boring songs.

3. U2 -- Yawn-fest. Maybe a few good songs, but even those are not worthy of the psychotic nature of their cult like fan base.

4. Santana -- He's a great guitar player, if you like the same solo styling repeated over and over again. And it's great music if you like Latin influenced rock. But Rolling Stone Magazine of course has him in the top 100 greatest artists of all time. Really?

5. Eagles -- Hotel California and Desperado are sleep inducing. The rest is dullsville. yet they are worshiped by millions. Makes sense.

6. AC/DC -- I seriously enjoy and even love 2 AC/DC songs. But the rest sound almost identical to those two and then you have the ones that are too ridiculous for words. And Brian Johnson makes my brain hurt sometimes.

7. Grateful Dead -- I don't think a ton of people would disagree with me on this one. Pot smoking music, nothing more.

8. Janis Joplin -- Words can't describe how much Janis Joplin's "soulful" voice grates on my nerves. So much so that I have to walk out of a room if I hear the song "Me and My Bobby Mcgee". I just don't get it.

9. Madonna -- I was torn on this.. The first half of her career she had some really great songs that will forever be radio hits. Her dance music phase to try and stay relevant is stupid. Rolling Stone Magazine has Brittany Spears writing a piece on her for their 100 greatest artists piece.. That's just how far she has slipped.

10. Radiohead -- Again, I really liked a few of the songs on OK Computer. In fact I loved them. But they hype that this band gets from hipsters and music nerds is over-the-top on a scale that is almost unprecedented. Tone it down a notch and I might get on board.

Where am I wrong? It's okay to yell at me.

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Anonymous said...

You' re only wrong on RS, Janis, Radiohead and The Dead

There's a lot of other stinky 'artists': Billy Joel, Nirvana, Elvis, all that crap.

Now, let's light a joint and hear some Dead! Cheers