Friday, April 12, 2013

Did Obama Come To Destroy America From Within?

In the first year or two of Obama's historic reign as POTUS I thought, maybe he really believes that liberal/socialist ideas are a better way to fix the economy. I knew he was wrong, but I was willing to contend that he won the election and he would give massive government a try because he genuinely believed that it would turn the economy around. But the numbers started getting worse over the next two years. So I thought, maybe he believes that it just takes a little time and then he would certainly try a different direction when he sees that spend and tax just isn't a viable solution. Because he loves America.. Right?

Then the numbers started tanking at levels not seen since Carter.. So it's time to try something different.. right? No.. Obama doubles down and continues on the path that simply is not working, almost with a "Try and stop me!" attitude, often using "executive privilege" instead of following our set rules and laws.

* Our schools are in shambles. 80% of NYC public school graduates cannot read!!!.. That is not a made up statistic.  80% of them are allowed to graduate without the ability to read even at a middle school level. I'm serious!

* Our taxes are going up whether we are rich or middle class.

* Our medical costs are sky high not to mention our ever climbing premiums.

* Violence, with or without guns, is rising.

* Spending is through the roof.

* The national debt is insane and growing at an alarming rate.

*  There are NO jobs... STILL!

*  Our military is being gutted and war vets are being denied basic services that are given freely to those blessed souls who just don't feel like working.

* Benghazi.

* Fast & Furious.

* Detroit.

* This list could literally go on and on and on.

So ask yourself.. Did the president who was influenced by his REAL father Frank Marshall (A Communist activist) and became good friends with Bill Ayers (A terrorist), become president as a friend of the country? Does he want America to remain a world power?

You tell me.

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