Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UFC, Christianity, And The War Around You

When I watch this video I see a metaphor for the Christian walk. These guys don't just walk in the ring from off the streets. They train and train and train... Day and night they put their bodies through torture simply to defeat an opponent who has skills on their level and have their hand raised. The money they make from these fights is less than you would think. It's for the prize of victory and not much more.
When we open God's word we are in training. When we hit our knees at night and cry out to God, we are in training. Because we are in a war all around us. And we have to come prepared for battle or else we will get laid flat by a sick world that can devour and spit us out without a care. If you let alcohol, video games, selfishness, inappropriate sexual behavior, drugs, filthy talk, movies, sports, or anything else that distracts us from the goal take over us. We will be defeated.
So even though the maker of this video probably did not have spirituality in mind, and the UFC doesn't promote Christianity as an organization.. There is a lesson to be learned. We are at war from the second we awake to when our eyes close at night. Do NOT drop your hands. Do not let your guard down. Satan is waiting in the shadows to attack. If you know The Word, Satan will be unsuccessful in his battle plan. If we put off thinking upon the Scripture, praying, loving our neighbors and even our enemies, Satan will find a foothold.
When I stand before the Lord, I want my hand raised at the end of this life and I want to hear the words "Well done my good and faithful servant."

That can only happen if we train...and train...and train for the fight of our lives.

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