Monday, March 25, 2013

This May Sound Stupid

And so I begin a transfer of every dumb thing I ever said on Facebook as I prepare for my grand exit from that site.... (They start off slow)

* I'm going to invent a facebook application that deletes users that overuse facebook applications.

* I'm sitting around with some old friends exchanging stories of the old west and the gold rush.

* I'm thinking about buying and selling you on the black market.

* I'm fighting off facebook application requests like Bruce Lee.

* I'm performing open tube surgery on a vacuum. It doesn't look promising.

* I'm sure if coach would have put him in we could have gone to state.

* I just yawned and sneezed at the same time.

* I am blaming the fact that I'm out of milk on George W. Bush.

* I wish I could eat only frosting and give the pope a wedgie.

* I'm listening to Chinese Democracy. 13 year wait for this??

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