Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Didn't Leave The Republican Party, The Republican Party Left Me

I just did something I never thought I would do. I changed my party affiliation to Independent, or in Kansas it is called "Not Affiliated With Any Party" Which I think better sums up what I am feeling.

I was driving home today listening to Mark Levin talk about how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Governor Rick Scott have turn-coated and are now adopting Obamacare for their states. I used to like Chris Christie simply because Ann Coulter was such a cheerleader for him. But you can't trust anyone in Washington, especially journalists and pundits. Turns out she is an establishment Republican as well. I was listening to Christie's remarks about how he is so popular because he is doing what Republicans on the federal level won't do.. "reach across the aisle to work with Democrats." Something inside of me switched off right when I heard that. Because what I know is that we haven't had a true conservative in the White House since Ronald Reagan. Reagan played offense and made everyone around him open up under their own assumptions. He used his power for good. He never let power go to his head. Not true with today's Republican. There are only a handful of true Constitutional Conservatives left, and it seems like more and more are raising the white flag everyday out of self-preservation. Christie and Scott aren't doing what is best for their state, they are caving into the desire to be liked. And I figured out a long time ago that when liberals hate you, then you know you are doing the right thing.. When they praise you and David Letterman invites you on his show.. you have become just another insider who lost his fight and gave up and now is dancing with the devil with a smile on your face and apparently stuffing a doughnut in your mouth on national television to appear self-deprecating. Meanwhile you are laying the foundation to screw your constituents out of their freedoms, finances, and futures.

Republicans today wait for liberals to make moves and then act out against it. But WHY not stand on your principles and make them act against it? Essentially what Governor Christie is saying is that the already compromising Republicans aren't compromising enough for his taste. He then proceeded to enact Obamacare in his state. Does that sound like a Conservative? It isn't even close. It sounds like a man who obviously loves to over-indulge, whether it be on food, fame, or power.

So it hit me that I cannot stay with these clowns. Because it isn't limited to Rick Scott and Chris Christie. The virus is spreading all throughout Washington and through the powers that be in many of our state governments. I am a Christian conservative. What the Republicans are now would have been far left of even John F. Kennedy. What business do I have associating with them? It doesn't mean I won't vote Republican. But I am not going to affiliate myself with a party that left me standing on my own principles years ago.

I will be voting Tea Party or Constitution Party or whatever you want to call it. If they stay true to what they have been so far they will have my vote. I want someone to go to Washington and lay on the grenade if they have to. You might have to be a one-termer to get something done. But it's the rest of us who suffer from these idiots who get in office and then give up everything they campaigned on because they want the power. So they play ball.

I'm done playing ball.

So long Republican Party!

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