Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The Hate Card

This site has been accused of hate. This is not the first time. I've been here since 2005 so I guess I am going to make some people mad with my views. However, let me be clear..

* This site never has, and never will preach hate towards any person on God's green earth, regardless of sex, race, creed. I may say that I hate an idea, or a sin, or a certain philosophy.. But it is never directed at any person even if they are involved in that idea or sin. I am a Christian. If I DO have hate for any person, I am violating the very foundation of my faith. So, what is most definitely sharp criticism, is being perceived as hate... either out of misunderstanding or someone's own agenda and/or projection.

Keep in mind..
The author or this blog does NOT..

* Protest abortion
* Protest Homosexuals or their various causes
* Protest ANYTHING really..

I don't stand outside with signs yelling about things. I post opinions that are shared by millions and millions of other free-thinking Christians on a blog that is literally read by an average of 7 people a day. And it's not exactly Pulitzer prize writing either.

If you say I am full of hate for this or that, I would love if you would please do so in the comments, so I can respond. Better yet, I'll buy you coffee and we can sit down and talk it out like men and women! Nothing to hide. No hard feelings. No hate. None!

I believe in truth. So the only rule is check your relativity at the door.

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