Thursday, January 10, 2013

Loaded Questions For Atheists

* Can you show me any instance in nature where something comes from nothing?

* Every war has been started because of religion.. right?

* What if God IS real? What will you tell Him when you die and stand in front of Him?

* If religion is simply just an "opiate" for weak-minded people... Why would living a life and then turning into dust that will be completely forgotten about a thousand years from now make you feel so good? And if you ARE remembered a thousand years from now why does it even matter if you are remembered as Mother Theresa or Hitler?

Let Me Expand On That

Mother Theresa helped humans survive by feeding and clothing the poor, she extended their lives. When they did finally die, they became dust and ash. So did Mother Theresa

Hitler killed people before their time. He ended their lives before they would have gotten a chance to live out until their "natural" death. When they died, they became dust and ash. So did Hitler.

Both made an impact on the word in big ways, one good, one bad...but all became dust, and ash.

Random molecule of accident and "chance" can not create significance. Significance is just a series of random synapses firing in the brain of a random set of molecules, that is agreed upon by other carbon based life forms who synchronize their synapses to form societal ideas.. It is in fact, nothing. Coming from nothing, and moving towards nothing, can not be something in between.. All true if there is no God.

So, in my opinion, if there is no God, no ultimate standard, there is no incentive to do good over bad.. Because, good and bad do not exist at worst, and at best if they do exist.. good = bad and bad = good.
Good and Evil are illusions.

Thank God this theoretical fatalist reality does not exist, since there IS a God.

There IS a God. Before the universe was formed He knew you. Every molecule that exists is under his watchful eye.

There IS freedom in Christ.

There ARE answers to every question, because HE is truth.

And the best part of all is that HE is not willing that any should perish.. Which means no matter where you have been, or what you have done.. He will wash the slate clean if we choose to pick up our cross and follow Him. He does not promise comfort this side of heaven.. He simply provides a peace that no one understands. I know that peace. I want everyone to know it.

This is amazing! You and I DO have purpose.

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