Friday, December 28, 2012

The Failure of Postmodern Christianity

Here's what "postmodern" Christians believe.. And you tell me why it is failing to win the lost and keep them in the fold...

* Let's stop talking about sin. Sin is the big "Debbie Downer". Let's talk about Love. Jesus talked about love.

* Church needs to be fun. We need to wear jeans, and a t-shirt with a positive message to attract people to our church. Let's have a dialogue. The preacher will sit backwards in a chair and just have a chat with us so that we don't feel intimidated.

* Truth is what Jesus talked about.. But the things he did not mention, homosexuality especially.. are in that gray area, so let's not talk about that.

* Social Networking can take the place of the foot soldier missionary. If we can reach people with our webpage and out tweets, well then we're doing alright.

That's just some stuff I have heard, and not an exhaustive look at postmodernism in the church.

I HATE IT. And I'll tell you why.

Jesus IS love.. He is the embodiment of love. But Jesus parables about sin and hell should shake you to your core. He did not have a "Hey, it's cool man, I still love you" attitude about sin. He said "Go, and sin no more"  In other words, Leave this lifestyle, stop it, it is the path to eternal damnation. He spread this message everywhere he went. The postmoderns bring up the Pharisees. But even though Jesus rebuked them and went into the homes of tax collectors and spoke to prostitutes and adulterers.. They were not the same when He left them. He will rebuke today's church in America for being like a Pharisee in reverse.

What we have today is "God loves you as you are."... I just don't believe He loves a practicing homosexual, a murderer, a cheat, or a robber "as they are". He loves them. Period. Which means He is chasing them, pleading with them that they not burn in sulfur for eternity without Him. And when we come by with our silly message, and our watered down view on sin.. We cause a non-believer to feel justified in their sin, and GOD help us!

If you walk into a church, and you don't feel convicted in your sin, you are possibly in a church of charlatans. RUN!

Postmodern Christianity is tasty and palatable. It tickles ears.. Kind of like a certain snake in the garden that makes you comfortable and takes away any true fear of God. It will fail. But in the meantime it will cause so many to become ensnared in the ease it brings.

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