Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Great Calorie Tracking Website is a fantastic free website to count your calories. I used it about 5 years ago when I needed to lose a few to help me check keep track of my weight loss goals and daily caloric intake.

Well.. It's that time again. Instead this time I am looking to lose 40lbs before my wedding in July. I have 7 months to meet my goals and again I was able to go to FitDay and pick back up where I left off. The self-discipline is all my responsibility, but it is nice to have a great free tracking website with tons of resources to help me log my progress.

What is FitDay?

FitDay is a free online diet journal and calorie tracker trusted by more than 6 Million users
around the world.
Whether you're trying to lose weight, looking to maintain a healthy level of fitness,
or training for a specific goal, you need FitDay!
Using FitDay is quick and easy. Register for your free account and immediately
start taking control of your diet and fitness goals.
  • Set Weight Goals

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  • Log Your Food

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  • Track Activity

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  • See Progress

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