Thursday, November 08, 2012

Obama's Plans For The Next 4 Years

Here's what he has on his agenda..

* Work with Congress on solving nothing. Congress gets in the way of his executive orders.. and that's not fair.

* Take down the Constitution and replace it with a copy of his book Dreams From My Father and also a Calvin and Hobbes comic that he likes.

* Practice bowing. He has a tour of the world coming up and his bow is a little rusty. His instructor is Lil Bow Wow.

* Send a thank you letter to O.I.H.O

* Still waiting for the election results from the last 7 states. Only 50 states have posted their returns so far. Might be a republican conspiracy.

* Take from the rich people.. and wonder why they won't keep hiring.. Send whiny letter "Dear business owner.. Why U stop hiring? C'mon..Please!? The 47% are depending on you! How can I tax you if you all keep going out of business! Please stop..It's not fairrrr!!!"

* Golf, Golf, Golf.. mainly in places where they aren't rioting.

* Set up new auto-bot in oval office: The Socializer 5000. It streamlines the transformation of America.. Plus it has 32 GBs worth of space  for Mp3s.. All Mary J Blige!

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