Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christians and Politics

I am a Christian. If anyone has ever read this blog, that should be abundantly clear...
Over on Facebook on November 7th, the day after America voted for it's own demise in exchange for cheap, temporary appeasement  I threw in the towel on posting anything political. I felt instantly free. Leading up to the election I posted non-stop about conservative values and anything that pointed to the truth about Barack Obama and what his true vision was for this country.. But it got me nowhere. But I still post here. And I want to say something to the Christians who "sat this one out." OR who chastised and spoke dismissively about political postings made by God-fearing Christians.

Since the election I have seen several Christians make claims how futile it was to speak about politics to such a degree.. I even saw one fellow Christian question the salvation of someone who spends a great amount of time "worrying" about political things.

To this I say...Hogwash.

As Christians in America we have the privilege, for now, to participate in and even influence an election. We are heading into the last days.. So it is your DUTY as a Christian to delay the tide of growing Anti-Christian sentiment.

Ultimately it all belongs to the Lord. However, since when do we say "Oh, just let the Lord take care of it." as we continue posting nonsense on Facebook about your favorite Mocha Latte from Starbucks and how it was "super yummy" today.

If the doctor came to you and said.. "Hey you have the early stages of cancer, but we caught it early and we should do surgery now to remove it, followed by chemo and you will be okay." Would you then say, "No thanks doc, I'm a Christian.. The Lord will take care of it." No, you would schedule the procedure that week.
America has cancer. And the time to do something about it came and went on November 6th, 2012.

The Lord WILL take care of us, however he does not expect us to sit around when there is spiritual warfare going on. And listen, this election was about more than just jobs and economics. It was about fighting the enemies of religious freedom and Christian values.

So I understand that God has everything under control. And ultimately it gives me hope to sustain me. But when has that EVER been an excuse to stay silent about things that affect our very freedoms of worship? Yes, eventually we will go through persecution...But do you think that if the underground church in China could vote out their oppressors and enemies that they wouldn't do it tomorrow? Right now we have the freedom to bring hope to a lost world. November 6th was a step towards oppression and bondage. I pray that you weren't one of the ones who stood idle that day.

May God have mercy on America!

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