Sunday, October 07, 2012

Why I Am Voting For Mitt Romney

This should be pretty obvious if you know me or have read anything I have ever written. But it is important to note that Mitt Romney was never my guy. I was on team Herman Cain. And then I switched to Newt Gengrich. Somewhere towards the end I was in for Rick Santorum. To be honest Mitt Romney was my last choice, and still would not be my first choice. Nevertheless, here are a few of many reasons I WILL be pulling the switch for Romney.

* Obama's vision for America looks pretty much the same as the direction Western Europe took. That alone would be enough for me to chose Mitt over Barack. Look at the riots, look at how Islam is creeping into their countries with little for them to do about it. This is not the America my grandfather fought for.

* Romney is a conservative. He has some strange viewpoints that stray from true conservatism, however looking back I have yet to find one president in history that has stayed true to their conservative roots 100% once they got into office. Reagan came the closest but still had points he conceded too quickly on. Washington DC is an unpredictable place.

* Mormon Vs. God only knows. Believe it or not, this makes a big difference to me. What you believe behind closed doors will affect what happens to the American landscape. I am convinced that Obama is little more than a Theist, if even that. He's what you want him to be at any given moment... And I'd rather have someone who believes firmly in something I disagree with than have someone who just doesn't really care too much.

* Socialism is not sustainable. If you have a commune of 60 people you might just make socialism work for you. If you have a country of 300 million people who are used to being whatever they want, socialism will lead to anarchy, riots, death, and ultimately a police state.

* I hate Obamacare. Obamacare has nothing to do with health care. It is simply the mechanism he has chosen as the funnel that will lead to government dependency. Once they control your health decisions, they control you. I like Romney's plan of leading it up to the individual states.

* Romney is a business man. I like business men. I have never been employed by anyone who was simply existing on the government dole.

* I hate unions.

* I hate excessive taxation. I don't care if the person is rich or not. I have NO, ZERO, NONE, ZILCH envy of wealthy Americans. If you are rich, I hope you stay that way.. You owe me nothing. Congratulations! You  show me that it is possible to succeed! You should still pay the exact same tax rate that I do here in the lower middle class. Once you stop worrying about the car in your neighbor's driveway you free your mind to dream and follow your own potential.

The choice is so very clear to me.

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