Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Media Is Winning So Far

We aren't talking about the economy. If we did Obama would lose in the worst landslide since Reagan beat Carter and Mondale.

We aren't talking about Afghanistan. If we did we might discover that over 70% of the deaths in that war have occurred on Obama's watch.

We aren't talking about jobs. There aren't any to talk about.

We aren't talking about the defunding of the military.

We aren't talking about the dismantling of NASA.

Instead we are all supposed to focus our attention on the "rich white boy" and wait for him to say something, anything that can be interpreted as racist or elitist.

All they are coming up with are vague, out of context, clips and videos. Each one, the media has to blow up to stupid proportions to seem relevant. Each one gets us further and further away from talking about the worst president in history. The media is winning because they are organized and lying.. and that is a bad combination.

Governor Romney, please do not pull a John McCain and botch what should be the easiest cake walk in presidential campaign history. Pull the gloves off and go for the throat.

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