Friday, September 28, 2012

Ayn Rand on Feminism

I love her view on this. I'm not ready to vote for a woman either. If only she wasn't an atheist I would have agreed with most of what Ayn Rand taught. She got everything right except for the most important thing. There is a God. Man is subject to God, not just himself. But I love watching someone make a room full of feminists mad!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Media Is Winning So Far

We aren't talking about the economy. If we did Obama would lose in the worst landslide since Reagan beat Carter and Mondale.

We aren't talking about Afghanistan. If we did we might discover that over 70% of the deaths in that war have occurred on Obama's watch.

We aren't talking about jobs. There aren't any to talk about.

We aren't talking about the defunding of the military.

We aren't talking about the dismantling of NASA.

Instead we are all supposed to focus our attention on the "rich white boy" and wait for him to say something, anything that can be interpreted as racist or elitist.

All they are coming up with are vague, out of context, clips and videos. Each one, the media has to blow up to stupid proportions to seem relevant. Each one gets us further and further away from talking about the worst president in history. The media is winning because they are organized and lying.. and that is a bad combination.

Governor Romney, please do not pull a John McCain and botch what should be the easiest cake walk in presidential campaign history. Pull the gloves off and go for the throat.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama Is Scared To Take A Foreign Policy Stance In An Election Year

But one thing he left his goons in the media to do was attack Romney to take focus away from the fact that he totally botched the lead up and response to the death of Americans abroad.

 Erick Erickson of Red State published an article today which all of you should read…
The American Media Beclowned Themselves Yesterday
Yesterday, we learned that there were no Marines protecting our Ambassador to Libya despite State Department warnings about violence and kidnappings in the Benghazi. We already knew Al Qaeda was coming on strong there. But we relied on locals for support and now we know the locals betrayed us as they have in the past in Afghanistan and Iraq too.
But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.
Night before last, the President condemned Mitt Romney in harsher tones than he condemned the rioters. It took him until sun up yesterday to condemn them.
But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.
Yesterday, the media spent much time condemning the Coptic Christians for their movie, but we now know the movie had been out for months and we also know the riots were orchestrated in advance. We also know the attack on the American consulate in Libya used the riots as cover for the attack.
But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.
Yesterday, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a man who swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America, called an American civilian to ask him to stop exercising his first amendment rights.
But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.
We also now know that the President, close to 60% of the time, has opted for printed intelligence briefings, which this White House thinks are as useful as an intelligence officer in the room who the President can probe, prod, challenge, and question.
But the media wanted to focus on Mitt Romney.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun Facts

* The iPhone 5 comes out soon. I think everyone should go buy it at once. Folks, it's 18 percent thinner! You just can't afford to not afford it. Think how much easier it will be to take pictures of your breakfast each morning and share it with the world.

* "Bob Dylan's new album is by far the best album of the year." -- Annoying Hipster

* Muslims stormed the embassy in Libya today and killed 3 Americans. Obama immediately apologized on behalf of all the Muslims!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Highlights Of This Week's Democratic National Convention

Should be a great time. Here are a few of the many fun things on the schedule for the DNC this week:

Day One

* Lots of great speakers.. Including Sandra Fluke, Jenna Jameson, Bill Johnson (CEO of Trojan Condoms), Ron Jeremy, Anne White (Cosmo Sex editor) And many other Sexperts to help you with any problems you have going on in the bedroom or in the backs of cars on your college campus.

* An Interactive Educational Abortion Symposium -- See just how easy and painless it is for you to get rid of that little annoyance growing inside of you! Even if the baby is accidentally born alive during the procedure! Find out how much money you are going to save the Federal Government!!

* The Food Stamp Booth -- Get inside the flying food stamp machine and grab as many food stamps as you can in one minute!

* Condom balloon animals for the kids!

* Border Crossing 101 -- Where are the best weak spots on our southern border to cross a river undetected and find the nearest polling place to cast your vote!

*  The Sandra Fluke booth -- Only $49.99 to see this exhibit. (Still not sure what that is all about.)

Day Two

* Joe Biden booth -- We pay YOU $49.99 to come in and listen to Joe speak for a full ten minutes. *Must stay full 10 minutes to receive payment upon exit.

* Hillary Clinton Fashion And Make Up Tips -- This booth will teach you how to go from tired to inspired! Also.. Which Pantsuit is right for you?

* The Three Story Union-Built Rock Climbing Wall -- Good Luck!

* The Chevy Volt Car Raffle! 10 Dollars gets you 3 tickets for the Raffle, Will your name be called?? Actually, scratch that.. Only $5 dollars now gets you 10 tickets for the Raffle!...Okay, change of plans again.. Now everyone will receive 50 tickets to...Wait.. What's that? Okay I'm being told now that everyone who comes to the convention is just going to get a Chevy Volt.

Day Three

* Mystery Speaker -- Don't want to give away the surprise, but two words.. Stalin Hologram!

* Finally, see President Barack Obama read off a teleprompter, avoiding the word economy at all costs.