Thursday, August 02, 2012

Why Do Liberal Boycotts Always Fail?

* Their boycotts have no nobility or honor to them. They are filled with hate, and rage, which is what they claim to be protesting in the first place. However so far their has not been one national protest that wasn't built on a manufactured foundation. And as soon as, for instance, the millions and millions of loyal Rush Limbaugh listeners push back or even just continue what they already do, the liberal foundation for their protest crumbles.  (Example: Manufactured protest foundation = made up "war on women")

* They are fighting against the wave of popular opinion. They always think they are in the majority.. but that's because they listen to NPR/NBC/ABC/CBS/MSNBC/CNN/NYT. They get their morals from opinion polls and op/eds that are a staple of these media organizations. The problem is all they are getting are talking points sent down from the DNC and the current dem leaders. Most Americans don't get their ideas from newspapers.. But they don't realize this. This leads to boycotts of opposing ideas, which happen to be mainstream morality. And the boycott backfires.

* Hypocrisy. You cannot expect to be taken seriously if you are protesting corporations while you are typing on your iPad or Android phone while sitting at a Starbucks. You cannot expect to be listened to seriously if you are protesting Chick-fil-a's "Hate speech" by tweeting "I hope you f****** die choking on a piece of chicken you stupid hate mongers". If you are too simple to understand what you just did there, then you are too simple to even understand the picture at large and the need to truly grasp what you are standing up against.

* Liberals fail. It's what they do. So instead of succeeding through being right, they change the rules. In other words.. Eventually they will simply take down Chick-fil-a using government regulations. By then chicken will be the least of our worries. Soon this very blog will be illegal. Being a Christian will be illegal. Liberals fail.. It's what they do. Yet like maggots and mold.. they find a way.

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