Monday, July 23, 2012

Vengeance, Forgiveness, and God

After the slaughter in Colorado I take solace in the fact that vengeance belongs to the Lord. Because in my head I struggle with the ability to show any sort of sympathy, love, forgiveness, or even kindness to this savage. However my job as a Christian is to give that over to God. If my child had been killed, I am not sure if I could go on.
However, I also believe that the government has the authority from God to take the life of this evil man in payment for his evil act.

This is a song by a Christian metal band called Oh, Sleeper. It is about an incident that took place in the late 70's in Israel when 5 Palestinians on a "Mission" crossed the border and randomly slaughtered almost an entire family including a father and his two young daughters. The mother and one daughter named Yael hid. And when Yael begin to whimper and cry the mother had to cover her mouth so they would not be heard, and unfortunately she died from suffocation.

This is Oh, Sleeper's call for Justice.. Warning: It is fairly graphic. But it is what I feel should await the crazed lunatic from Colorado.

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