Friday, July 20, 2012

Liberals Love Mass Shootings

A terrible, evil act took place in Aurora, Colorado last night as at least 12 people were killed and almost 60 wounded in a shooting by a lone gunman in a crowded movie theater who were there to see the new Batman movie.
I scanned the internet all day today waiting for the latest news. The reporting was somber, as it should be. However, there is one section of our population that seems giddy with excitement as they report the horrific details: Liberal democrats.

Just for starters we have these headlines on Drudge:

To Be 'Exploited For Political Grist'...


CNN Piers Morgan Calls For Gun Control...

Bloomberg: What are Obama, Romney going to do about guns? 

Rushdie Sparks Furor With Tweets...

The ABC News link above is the most maddening. They found a name "Jim Holmes" on a Colorado Tea Party website and made the assumption that this was the same man who was the killer. Turns out they were way wrong.. And only later offered a half-hearted apology.

Libs love violence because it moves them one step closer to talking openly about taking away your guns. They ignore the fact that sociopaths exist since the beginning of time, and openly blame the NRA and other responsible, legal gun organizations.

let me tell you, They are coming for your guns. A disarmed populace is a compliant populace. They deem themselves your master, and in order to fulfill that fantasy, first they need you helpless and powerless to their every whim.

This is why anytime there is a mass shooting of this magnitude, it becomes like Christmas day for them.

Compassionless drones, bent on your loyalty.

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