Tuesday, June 05, 2012

5 Of 30: Greatest Of All Time

This could all change tomorrow, or even 5 minutes from now...
Greatest Rock Album: Weezer (Blue)
Greatest Movie: It's A Wonderful Life
Greatest Day Of The Week: Sunday
Greatest Pizza Topping: Pepperoni 
Greatest Book: The Bible (I mean, it's written by God...hello!)
Greatest Handheld Device: (Can't believe I'm going to say this!) iPod Touch
Greatest Dessert: Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie!
Greatest Website: Drudgereport.com
Greatest Word In The English Language: Unusual
Greatest Fast Food: McDonald's (Consistent every where you go on the planet)
Greatest YouTube Video: That one where that cat does that funny thing.
Greatest Music Video: Buddy Holly by Weezer
Greatest Liquid Known To Man: Diet Coke
Greatest Car: One the runs.
Greatest  External Device Used To Listen To The Human Heartbeat: The Stethoscope 
Greatest Chicken Restaurant: Who Cares, It's Chicken! 
Greatest Blog Post: Anything other than this one!

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