Friday, June 29, 2012

29 Of 30: Symptoms Of Obamacare

Now that The all-powerful Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare from their gigantic chairs while petting cats and laughing manically, here is what we can expect in the coming years.

* Eventually your doctor or surgeon is not going to be paid any more or any less whether he gives you great care or if he accidentally leaves a surgical glove in your abdominal cavity.. So you can look forward to doctors who work more like Teamsters, whistling at hot nurses as they walk by.

* Death Panels. They will never call them death panels. (But of course it's not a tax either, even though it is a tax.) They will call them the "Who-gets-to-go-to-sleep-forever committee". Because grandma costs less as fertilizer than she does living.

* Need an MRI for that visibly throbbing brain tumor? Well fill out this paperwork, wait in that line over there for 8 weeks.. then you have an appoint with the "Who-gets-to-go-to-sleep-forever committee".. If you pass, Then you can have your MRI. Turns out to be cancer? Please wait in the radiation line...

* Your medical records will now go in a government file. Hey, you want the death panel to make an informed decision, right?

* Just like Social Security... Soon that "tax" money from those who chose not to participate is going to look pretty enticing to salivating politicians. Gotta fund more art made from feces created by hipsters!

* Shortage of doctors. (See Point #1) 

* The poor are finally getting access to health care!*** Yay! However, the death rate is higher, hospitals are filled to capacity, everybody is angry and frustrated, The bureaucrats are asking for more funding, you lost your job 2 months ago, the stock market is crashing... and what is the deal with all these locusts! 

*** The poor always had access to health care. But now, we sold our souls to the devil because he promised we could have ALL THE THINGS FOR FREE.

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