Sunday, June 24, 2012

24 Of 30: Obama Is Asking For Your Wedding Gifts

Obama Asks People Getting Married To Forgo Gifts...

Donate To His Campaign Instead...

Obama is desperate. He is losing with pretty much every demographic. So of course, he is flailing and just coming up with really bad ideas. He is asking for you to give donations to his campaign instead of giving wedding gifts to your loved ones. He says "It will go much further than a gravy boat".


Here's why a gravy boat will suit your loved one much more than a donation to B. Hussein Obama.

* A gravy boat is a useful tool that gives back to you at meal time. An Obama takes from you at meal time, at bed time, at school, at work, at play, and while traveling, or just being at home. It takes, and takes. It takes from the rich, and it takes from the poor, but only tells you it's taking from the rich.

* A gravy boat has a one time cost. An Obama will cost you for years to come, even after it is no longer in power. It destroys programs so badly that they run in reverse and drain themselves and than move on to other programs and begin to suck them dry of money and resources.

* A gravy boat doesn't what it is intended to do without complaint or defiance. An Obama complains constantly and defies what it's purpose is. It lies if need be. It sidesteps laws, the Constitution, common sense, rules, society, tradition, history, and common decency. It is rogue, tyrannical, and socialistic.

* A gravy boat loves to hold your gravy because it was made to do just that. An Obama hates the very country that he was raised in. He wants to transform it into his own image.

So get your friends and family a gravy boat.. Because there is no better way to say "I hate you both and I hope you can't find jobs and your kids fail in school." than a donation to Barack Obama.

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