Saturday, June 02, 2012

2 Of 30: Gay Marriage

It's silly to even think that any state would allow gay people to be "married". Why?

* It doesn't even make sense. They have to ONLY want it for the benefits. So they want to be "married" for a lower insurance rate. Is that why you get married?

* It doesn't make sense whether you believe in Christianity OR if you are an atheist. Why? Homosexuality is clearly condemned in the Bible. Both Old and New Testament. And an Atheist who believes in evolution would need to note that homosexuality would actually equal devolution since there is no ability to procreate. "But they can adopt." Really. That still involves real actual sex. So in other words if we were all gay human existence would die out in one generation.

* I believe that there are people who may even be born with the proclivity towards homosexuality. However, each of us is called to sacrifice ourselves for Christ. So I believe a Christian can crucify those desires for the sake of living for Him. We all have to do this every day. I have yet to EVER hear of even one gay person who chose to remain sexually pure until "marriage". Even straight people are called to be sexually pure. We are called to refrain from lots of things. Things that we naturally want to do. But no matter how hard it is we are called to put those things aside for the sake of Christ. So homosexuality and womanizing are both put aside, which ever your carnal desires are. Only Jesus Christ can help you overcome that.

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