Thursday, June 14, 2012

14 Of 30: What If Newspaper Headlines Were Written By Teenagers

A rerun from long ago!

--Old Man Totally Gets Wack-a-Doo'd In Parking Lot Scuffle

--Review: New Timberlake CD Totally Gets Like Eight Thousand Stars

--Man Gets Shot For Running His Mouth Off To Some Cop

--Global Warming Not Cool

--"Peace In The Middle East Is Such A Long Way Off", Says Some Expert With Funny Hat

--Review: Family Circus Comics Aren't Funny

--Opinion: Doesn't It Totally Suck When You Bite Your Tongue?

--President Bush Voted Best President Since Bill Clinton

--Stock Market Thingy Says That Stocks Are Up

--Lady Strangles Husband After Calling Him A Wuss; Her Accusations Are Confirmed

--Playstation 8 Will Probably Cost Like A Billion Dollars

--Man In Critical Condition After Taking Car Through Some Sweet Flips

--Review: Latest Harry Potter Probably Best Movie Ever Made

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