Friday, June 01, 2012

1 Of 30: Random Thoughts

To try and spur myself and reinvigorate myself I have decided that I am going to pledge to blog every day in the month of June.

So let's go..

* Why is blogging important? Not because everyone needs a diary, or a journal. It's because in the future information will be controlled and having a voice is important. You need to be willing to die for things like this!

* I watched a documentary by some liberal goofball recently which had a segment in it about evil fisherman and how dolphins are getting caught in tuna nets. First of all, not one time during the show did this person show one bit of concern for the tuna. It's only the cute animals that are worth saving. Second of all, they are supposedly almost as smart as humans. If that's true you'd think they'd be catching us first and randomly dragging us into the ocean. Instead they bat beach balls around in tanks at Sea-World for our amusement.

* Along those same lines there was an article today in the Wichita paper (Here it is.) that said PETA members want to have a memorial at a spot on Interstate 70 where a vehicle crash ended in the death of dozens of cattle that were being transported. Let me repeat myself as simply as I can so even PETA members could understand it.. PETA wants to use tax payer money to place a memorial at a site where cows died that were being transported en route to the slaughter house to be ground up into hamburger. I just have nothing more to say about this.

* I am still deeply addicted to nose spray.

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